Co Working Spaces Wakefield

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Moving to the Wakefield area as a freelancer I was keen to explore and discover the co-working spaces within the City. One of the drawbacks to freelancing is bouncing ideas off colleagues. It’s something I always miss; particularly when I’m working from home. Arriving in a new place; I was keen to meet new people. Like-minded digital workers to get that level of collaboration of sorts.

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Best Pubs In Wakefield

Reading Time: 4 minutesI am lucky enough to live in an area that is rich with history, fine dining, great scenery and even better beer! As someone who works from home, sometimes there is nothing better than taking my laptop and working remotely for the afternoon, which has led to some fantastic discoveries in my local area.

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Best parks & places to walk in Wakefield

Reading Time: 7 minutes

Having lived in Leeds for close to 8 years my wife and I decided on Sandal, Wakefield as the place we wanted to live and bring up our family. With a daughter on the way (Now here) we moved to Sandal in November of 2015. There were a number of reasons for the move including my wife’s parents in Nottingham (2 junctions closer), a nice suburban environment, good schools and of course the surrounding walking pleasures the area had to offer.

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Best Independent Coffee Shops In Wakefield

Reading Time: 4 minutes

One of the perks of being a freelancer is the freedom to work from anywhere! At times I can find myself developing cabin fever from long hours in my office, on these occasions, there is nothing I love more than venturing out for a coffee or some lunch! Whether it is a break from the screen or a remote working session, a change of scenery can work wonders!

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Bulb Energy Review

Reading Time: 4 minutes Switch to Bulb If you would like to switch to bulb then use this link which will earn you (and me) £50 credit towards our …

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