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Hey! I'm Ryan. I used to run subscription businesses within the educational space generating over 12 million organic visits a year. Having recently sold the company (May 2021) I'm now writing content about my life, running business, where I live and spending time with my family. Browse by interest point below or by date published.

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What’s next?

Reading Time: 5 minutes It’s been a little over a week since we sold the business and life is already different. My dreams of riding my bike in the …

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Three 4G Home Broadband Review

Reading Time: 5 minutes As someone who makes a living from the internet, it’s imperative that I have a rock-solid connection. We were on the cusp of moving (stop-start …

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Moving House

Reading Time: 9 minutes Have you ever moved house in the middle of a global pandemic with a pregnant wife, a furloughed removal team and a 4-year-old? I hadn’t …

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Preventative Maintenance In Life & Business

Reading Time: 3 minutes

There’s a service within the facilities management sector which is preventative maintenance. It’s a self-explanatory service and one which the majority of facilities management companies offer.

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Self Employed Report – August/September

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Failure after just one month! (I didn’t update monthly)

Jokes aside, this will be an August/September combination report looking at what I achieved in the past 8 weeks. It’s fair to say the schools came back to our educational business with a bang! This report will again focus on the key strands of self-employment; freelancing, educational business and of course life and how I make sure I can be a good Dad/Husband.

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Home Gym/Office One Year On

Reading Time: 7 minutes

It’s been over a year since we completed our extension project which included my home office and gym. I’ve since had numerous requests for additional information on my work set up and the information around the project so I figured an in-depth post was worthwhile.

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