What I do

Hi. I’m Ryan. A Wakefield based independent Digital marketing consultant. I know how to drive relevant traffic to websites and make your business prosper.

I have over 15 years of experience and a proven track record of working within all areas of the search industry including FTSE 250 companies, competitive verticals & growing businesses. Comfortable in handling multi million-pound budgets and a track record of delivering business growth across both B2C & B2B organisations. I now work with companies to help them implement digital strategies which work for their business.

I help companies reach their growth potential by acquiring relevant traffic for their business. I achieve this predominantly via paid media campaigns and organic search. I construct content marketing campaigns with commercial value with a focus on the long term value for your business.

Educational business:

For 5 years I successfully built a subscription-based educational business. This was acquired in May 2021. I am now a proud shareholder of CPD Course business CPD Online and run a US-focused Math business. I am always exploring new opportunities and openings; particularly within the educational space.

Hobbies & Family:

I spend most of my time with my wife and kids outdoors exploring new places. We love cycling, walking and enjoying our beautiful surroundings.

**More to be added soon**

Sites I built & sold

I built and sold over 20 educational websites. Here are some of my favourite subscription websites which I recently sold after securing a full exit deal.

A Level Biology

Subscription revision website aimed at those studying or teaching A Level Biology. Over 12,000 registered students & 1,000 registered teachers.

A Level Chemistry

Subscription revision website aimed at those studying or teaching A Level Chemistry. Over 5000 registered students & 500 registered teachers.


Subscription worksheet website predominantly focused on Elementary education across the Globe. Targeting teachers and homeschooling parents.

What I Am Working On

Having sold my business I still fortunately have two projects I am currently involved in.

Helping With Math

Helping with Math is a Math learning website with a focus on teaching the core math skills required. Subscription worksheet website.

CPD Online College

Online courses CPD certified courses predominantly aimed at businesses and self learners. Next day certificates and full online training.