Website Acquisition

A acquisition of existing, aged websites is one of the most underutilised strategies online.

I have acquired and operate a portfolio of websites with a combined yearly traffic of in excess of 12 million. I understand the value of a website and can help you acquire to improve your business.

Why spend thousands on trying to achieve search rankings when you can acquire aged, established websites in your niche? I have over 10 years’ experience in making investments in this area and we aim to provide a return within 18 months of purchase.

Examples Of Acquisition Success

I have bought and sold in excess of 40 websites over the past 6 years. I buy safe, consistent investments and can help you do the same.

Acquired, growth, sold

Website bought for $6,000 in 2016. Turned from Adsense informational site to subscription worksheet site for teachers. Recently sold for a seven figure USD sum.

Recent Acquisition Graph:

Recent acquisition (September 2019). Implemented a strategy which included over 70 pages of new/revised content. Substantial organic traffic growth since. Will return overall spend in 18 months.

Adding content to aged websites:

Analytics snapshot for one of my educational sites. Implemented a content strategy which grew from 0-10,000 visits a day within a year. Aged websites with existing traffic have a trust signal within Google. By acquiring a website with history you can rank quicker, drive more traffic and grow faster.

How I can assist?

I know the web & I am continuously up to date with Google’s ever-changing ranking factors. I can help you make smart investments through my knowledge of the industry. Acquisitions are largely safe bets if bought at the right price. The domain names have been registered several years; websites will have a large number of natural links & key rankings will already be established. Think of it as investing in a house in a good area. At the right price the value is only ever going to go up.

I can assist in a few ways. Have you identified a website which you may be interested in and just need a second opinion? I can put together an analysis report and grade the acquisition, so you have some reassurance when making a purchase.

Or are you an investor?

You might be an investor who is looking to diversify your income streams and move into new industries. I can help you identify website purchase opportunities and help you through the entire process.

Here is a snapshot of how I can do this

1: Analysis of your industry/niche.
2: Collation of potential websites for investment
3: Outreach to website owners.
4: Negotiation
5: Acquisition

Once you have acquired the website, I can help with content strategies, sourcing writers, website migrations and any other way to improve the website. Just by investing in new content and achieving traffic growth you can cut your payback period down significantly.

Property rental yield is typically around 8% every year. I can make you a return in between 12-18 months on a website purchase

Sites I built & sold

I built and sold over 20 educational websites. Here are some of my favourite subscription websites which I recently sold after securing a full exit deal.

A Level Biology

Subscription revision website aimed at those studying or teaching A Level Biology. Over 12,000 registered students & 1,000 registered teachers.

A Level Chemistry

Subscription revision website aimed at those studying or teaching A Level Chemistry. Over 5000 registered students & 500 registered teachers.


Subscription worksheet website predominantly focused on Elementary education across the Globe. Targeting teachers and homeschooling parents.

What I Am Working On

Having sold my business I still fortunately have two projects I am currently involved in.

Helping With Math

Helping with Math is a Math learning website with a focus on teaching the core math skills required. Subscription worksheet website.

CPD Online College

Online courses CPD certified courses predominantly aimed at businesses and self learners. Next day certificates and full online training.


A huge thank you Ryan for your support, knowledge and training you have offered. We have made fantastic progress and have seen great results as a result of Ryan’s work with us on our Google AdWords campaigns…

Laura Cornish – B38 Group

Ryan’s knowledge of SEO is exceptional. Unlike every other self-proclaimed “SEO expert” I have spoken with, Ryan doesn’t hide behind technical jargon and tells it like it is. Most importantly, he has a firm grasp of what needs to be done.

Alex Goldstein – AG & Associates

Ryan has revolutionised the SEO and PPC areas of our business which has resulted in unprecedented growth. His knowledge and leadership in this area has been invaluable to our business. I can recommend him highly…

Jamie Coverley – Network Brands

Ryan’s Digital marketing knowledge filled a skills gap we had within the organisation. His technical training session & hands on guidance helped us define our Digital strategies as the business grew into North American territories….

Jon Milsom –

Ryan was a key member of my European eCommerce team for ~18 months at Farnell. A very likeable, technical, hard working, team player who was integral to the success of the department and European business…

Philip Crampton – Premier Farnell

Ryan was an integral part of the marketing team at HST and significantly helped to build up the brand’s online presence by creating our successful resources blog, increasing organic search traffic & improving the way…

Louise Petty – High Speed Training