Digital Marketing Training

‘Looking to introduce your staff to the basic principles of digital marketing? I can help with their education’

Your business has a wonderful team in place however you’re transitioning from a traditional business to an online business and require some initial training. Alternatively you may be a beginner within the digital field and require some external validation to reaffirm you are on the right lines.

Whatever the circumstances I can help you and your business with all encompassing digital training.

Here are some of the training areas I can cover:

Why a digital consultant instead of a training company?

There are many training companies who offer excellent training courses; particularly online. They come from varying reputations from great to not so great.

How my approach differs is that the training will be bespoke to your business; tailored around your needs. This won’t be a generic training course; I will deliver a solution based upon your pain points and help your team understand, based upon the needs of your organisation.

One to one training:

Many clients require one to one training with a member of staff who they want to transition into a more digitally focused role. This typically involves a set number of requirements or pain points which we work through together. This peer to peer working technique is particularly popular as the changes are actioned in real time and you are able to combine digital consultancy with team member training.

Why hire me?

I have spent the past nine years working in businesses of all shapes and sizes from FTSE 250 organisations right through to honest and hardworking Northern companies. I have also built my own educational business which receives in excess of five million visits a year. I understand the web and can make it work for you and your team.

Here is a summary of why you should look to hire me:

  1. Worked across multiple sectors/verticals.
  2. Bespoke training to your businesses needs
  3. Nine years experience
  4. Hands on training
  5. Training is conducted by me
  6. Independent consultant
  7. No account management
  8. I won’t chase you for a regular retainer
  9. I typically work off a training day rate
  10. I’m honest, open and transparent

Where can I deliver training?

I have worked with clients based across the UK ranging from Manchester right through to London however if you would prefer a local friendly face then I am commutable to the following areas of Yorkshire.

  • Leeds
  • Wakefield
  • Huddersfield
  • Sheffield

**I am happy to conduct training in any location however depending upon the distance I will bill for travel accordingly**


A huge thank you Ryan for your support, knowledge and training you have offered. We have made fantastic progress and have seen great results as a result of Ryan’s work with us on our Google AdWords campaigns…

Laura Cornish – B38 Group

Ryan’s knowledge of SEO is exceptional. Unlike every other self-proclaimed “SEO expert” I have spoken with, Ryan doesn’t hide behind technical jargon and tells it like it is. Most importantly, he has a firm grasp of what needs to be done.

Alex Goldstein – AG & Associates

Ryan has revolutionised the SEO and PPC areas of our business which has resulted in unprecedented growth. His knowledge and leadership in this area has been invaluable to our business. I can recommend him highly…

Jamie Coverley – Network Brands

Ryan’s Digital marketing knowledge filled a skills gap we had within the organisation. His technical training session & hands on guidance helped us define our Digital strategies as the business grew into North American territories….

Jon Milsom –

Ryan was a key member of my European eCommerce team for ~18 months at Farnell. A very likeable, technical, hard working, team player who was integral to the success of the department and European business…

Philip Crampton – Premier Farnell

Ryan was an integral part of the marketing team at HST and significantly helped to build up the brand’s online presence by creating our successful resources blog, increasing organic search traffic & improving the way…

Louise Petty – High Speed Training