SEO Training

Freelance PPC Consultant Leeds & Wakefield

‘Looking for your internal team to have a better understanding of organic search? I can help your business’

Many businesses see SEO as a dark art. Chances are that in the past there’s been an SEO consultant promising everything and delivering nothing. This is common feedback I receive from clients. Don’t worry we are not all the same!

Training your internal team or marketing contact in the basic principles of SEO can really help in giving the business and understanding of where you should be focusing.

Whatever the circumstances I can help you and your business understand the basic principles so you can make more informed decisions in the future.

Here are some of the training areas I can cover:

Technical SEO training
On site optimisation training
Content strategy training
Analytics & key data training

Why a freelancer instead of a training company?

There are A LOT of training companies who offer excellent training courses; particularly online. They come from varying reputations from great to not so great.

How my approach differs is that the training will be bespoke to your business; tailored around your needs. This won’t be a generic training course; I will deliver a solution based upon your pain points and help your team understand based upon the needs of your organisation.

One to one training:

Many clients require one to one training with a member of staff who they want to transition into a more digitally focused role. This typically involves a set number of requirements or pain points which we work through together. This peer to peer working technique is particularly popular as the changes are actioned in real time and you are able to combine digital consultancy with team member training.

Providing an employee within your organisation allows the day to day work to be done in house and the use of a consultant for high level strategy and direction.

Why hire me?

I have spent the past nine years working in businesses of all shapes and sizes from FTSE 250 organisations right through to honest northern companies. I have also built my own educational business which receives in excess of 5 million visits a year all from organic search.

I have a deep rooted understanding of search engines and traffic growth via search engine optimisation and can provide your team with that knowledge through digital consultancy and training.

Here is a summary of why you should look to hire me for your SEO training:

  1. Worked across multiple sectors/verticals.
  2. Bespoke training to your businesses needs
  3. Nine years experience
  4. Hands on training
  5. Training is conducted by me
  6. Independent consultant
  7. No follow up sales calls
  8. I won’t chase you for a regular retainer
  9. Training day rate
  10. Honest, open and transparent

Where can I deliver training?

I have worked with clients based across the UK ranging from Manchester right through to London however if you would prefer a local friendly face then I am commutable to the following areas of Yorkshire.

  • Leeds
  • Wakefield
  • Huddersfield
  • Sheffield

**I am happy to conduct training in any location however depending upon the distance I will bill for travel accordingly**