Self Employed Report – October/November/December

Reading Time: 8 minutes

Three months since my last report and another year (decade) has gone by. The past 90+ days have been the most eventful since I started my self employed journey. This report will predominantly focus on my educational business and life. Freelance is certainly taking a back seat right now.

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Self Employed Report – July

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Over the past three years since going self-employed, I have experienced such variation from day-to-day. It’s constantly a learning curve and I strive to improve with every month which passes.

The self-employed report is a new feature which documents the trials and tribulations from the month past. This will focus on the key strands of self-employment; freelancing, educational business and of course life and how I make sure I can be a good Dad/Husband.

For those looking to move into self-employment, I hope the reports are useful!

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