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Hey! I'm Ryan. I used to run subscription businesses within the educational space generating over 12 million organic visits a year. Having recently sold the company (May 2021) I'm now writing content about my life, running business, where I live and spending time with my family. Browse by interest point below or by date published.

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Time Efficiency

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Time or more of it. It’s something we all strive for but never quite have enough. Productivity hacks, outsourcing, scheduling. These are all ways in which we try and achieve more time to spend doing other things.

I know what you’re thinking. Not another productivity post. The web is littered with the same cookie-cutter articles of how to be more productive. Luckily I’m not here to play that game. Like everyone I procrastinate when at my computer; I’m no productivity warlord. What I have going in my favour however is that I am efficient in how I utilise my time and have built up a number of ways in which the life I have chosen allows me to work less while still getting ‘all the things’ done!

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Finding your community

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Since becoming a freelance consultant my strategy has always been to find my ‘community’. Think of your community as your niche or target market. The industry is oversaturated with ‘Full service’ Digital Agencies who can be more keen to grow as opposed to servicing their clients.

I saw the opportunity to be a local voice who predominantly helps businesses local to Leeds & Wakefield. Those who have been left behind by agency growth or perhaps not attractive enough on the Agencies client roster. My approach was to nurture this community and become the leading consultant within my small area.

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Reading Time: 2 minutes

There’s no denying business is hard. I would say to anyone asking the most difficult part of self-employment is how it’s constant. Sure I can take a break in the middle of the day to mow the lawn or exercise but every single weekend I will start my day by making sure everything is running smoothly.

Business never gets easier as you constantly challenge yourself to grow. Whether that’s improving your client set, working fewer hours or building processes for the least enjoyable parts; continuing to progress is important for self-development and worth.

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Don’t Strive For Work/Life Balance. Try Work/Life Solidarity.

Reading Time: 6 minutes

We have all heard the saying “a healthy work/ life balance”, it is something that has been used for generations, and is still said regularly today. But in the digital age that we operate in now, is the idea of “balance” still achievable or is it simply unrealistic?

As a freelancer I have come to understand that what works best for me is the idea of work/life solidarity; it is finding something I am passionate about and integrating that into my life. Never mind your work/life balance; time split equally across two worlds. I strive for a merging of all the things I am enthusiastic about, for me, it is all about blurring the boundaries.

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Hiring An Agency Vs. Freelancer

Reading Time: 6 minutesAs a business, reaching your goals and targets is everything. There will come a time where you will be looking to hire outside assistance to help you on your way, and knowing what sort of support will suit your business best can be the key to success. Whether you want to hone in your digital marketing strategy or work on your content marketing plan, being well versed on the pros and cons of hiring an agency vs. a freelancer will ensure you are making the right choice for you.

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The Replenishing Retainer; Cash Flow Positive When Freelancing

Reading Time: 4 minutesOne of the most challenging aspects of being a freelancer is the financial responsibility. If you have moved from ‘normal’ employment to a freelance position, you will likely have suffered through the struggle yourself. Gone are the days of a monthly or weekly income that arrived promptly into your bank account on a routine basis. Now you are faced with tackling everything from invoices and contracts to leads, taxes and self-assessment forms; and it can be pretty overwhelming!

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