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BNI Yorkshire West (Wakefield) Review

BNI Wakefield
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As a new individual to the area I wanted to network as much as possible. My career as a freelancer is new and networking is not something I have done on the regular. Sure I’ve visited a number of conferences and have spoken with clients multiple times, however networking as an individual for my own company was alien to me.

Having followed BNI Wakefield on Twitter I was kindly invited as a guest by their member Martin Soroka, a local businessman and long serving member of the BNI in the Wakefield area. I must admit before arriving at the event I was unclear of the format other than it was £10 to come along (breakfast & parking included), you need to bring a heap of business cards & there will be approximately 30/40 other business men and women in attendance. I happily obliged with the above.

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