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The power of ex colleagues when going freelance

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How many ex colleagues do you keep in touch with? Whether it’s Facebook, phone call, text messages or perhaps face to face? I assume the number is quite small.

Ex colleagues should never be underestimated. As humans we hate delving into the unknown. Instead we retreat back to what we know well. Tried and tested methods of individuals you know and trust. Those friendly faces, high achievers, people you’ve heard nothing but good things about. How many companies have you worked in where the senior members of staff have come from the managing director’s old company? Football managers take players from one club to another (Harry Redknapp and Niko Kranjčar anyone?) as they know the character and work ethic of the said individual. Reputation management in this way is done across the globe.

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Why I split my time across multiple income streams

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Excess always worries me or should I say individuals who do things to the excess. The gym, work, alcohol all spring to mind. Freelancers can be victims of excess too. I alluded to this within my ‘Making time to create side projects’ post but wanted to dig a little deeper.

Being just a freelancer may be the most lucrative work you can do now but you also need to assess longevity and the times when you are not working. Billable time is billable time. Freelancers cannot create time.

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Making time to create side projects

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Client work is appealing and incredibly addictive. There seems to be some type of magnetic force drawing you to take on more client work. The feeling of ‘just one more’ or ‘what if I lose a client’ becomes too much. Saying no can be one of the hardest things in your self employed/freelance career. But by saying YES to everything are you reducing the free hours you have in a week to be creative and build your empire?

Working on the web in the digital space gives you a platform to create side projects. Whether that’s an affiliate business, buying domain names, drop selling products or perhaps a blog like this one. There should be an end goal with everything you do and a reason why you do it.

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Having a target niche/identity as a freelancer

Identity as a freelancer
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Moving into world of freelance I wanted to differentiate from the norm. A freelancer in the overcrowded space of Digital marketing I wanted to have a personal identity, an approach different to others.

Many differentiate by sector target. Pritesh Patel does this incredibly well within the Digital marketing space as he focuses on the construction sector. Although this was a consideration of mine, I decided to differentiate based upon my personal identity and branding in a hope of targeting local clients who struck an infinity with my personality & approach.

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Going part time at work to pursue self employment

Going Part Time At work
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When anybody thinks of part time at work they immediately think this is only reserved for child care. Unfortunately this is the society we are a part of. For those working on side projects or wanting to delve into the world of self employed then going part time offers the safety net you may be looking for.I’ve personally done this since January and it’s given me the platform to not only work on my own projects, but also take on further freelancing gigs.

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Where to live in Wakefield..? Sandal of course!

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Family or little people should I say changes your perception and outlook on life. I always lived in Leeds; loved Leeds and felt it was a great place to live. A diverse, multicultural population, a strong job sector & plenty of entertainment to shake a stick at. Leeds as a city is the hub of Yorkshire.

The news of our daughter and the fact Grandparents were in Nottingham perhaps swayed the move two junctions down the motorway however Sandal, Wakefield was always an understated/underrated place to live. When you live in and around Leeds people always tend to go to the North. It’s historically the more affluent area and has a raft of great places to live. It’s also painfully expensive and happens to be incredibly hard to get anywhere due to traffic.

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