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Hey! I'm Ryan. I used to run subscription businesses within the educational space generating over 12 million organic visits a year. Having recently sold the company (May 2021) I'm now writing content about my life, running business, where I live and spending time with my family. Browse by interest point below or by date published.

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Where to live in Wakefield..? Sandal of course!

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Family or little people should I say changes your perception and outlook on life. I always lived in Leeds; loved Leeds and felt it was a great place to live. A diverse, multicultural population, a strong job sector & plenty of entertainment to shake a stick at. Leeds as a city is the hub of Yorkshire.

The news of our daughter and the fact Grandparents were in Nottingham perhaps swayed the move two junctions down the motorway however Sandal, Wakefield was always an understated/underrated place to live. When you live in and around Leeds people always tend to go to the North. It’s historically the more affluent area and has a raft of great places to live. It’s also painfully expensive and happens to be incredibly hard to get anywhere due to traffic.

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BNI Yorkshire West (Wakefield) Review

BNI Wakefield
Reading Time: 5 minutes

As a new individual to the area I wanted to network as much as possible. My career as a freelancer is new and networking is not something I have done on the regular. Sure I’ve visited a number of conferences and have spoken with clients multiple times, however networking as an individual for my own company was alien to me.

Having followed BNI Wakefield on Twitter I was kindly invited as a guest by their member Martin Soroka, a local businessman and long serving member of the BNI in the Wakefield area. I must admit before arriving at the event I was unclear of the format other than it was £10 to come along (breakfast & parking included), you need to bring a heap of business cards & there will be approximately 30/40 other business men and women in attendance. I happily obliged with the above.

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